Discover the 99 Names of Allah: A PDF Guide to Understanding His Attributes

Are you looking to deepen your understanding of Allah and His attributes? The 99 names of Allah (Asma al-Husna) are a beautiful way to do so. Each name reflects a unique attribute of Allah and serves as a reminder of His mercy, compassion, and power. In this article, we will provide you with the 99 names of Allah along with their meanings in a downloadable PDF format. This 99 names of Allah PDF will help you learn more about Allah's attributes and connect with Him on a deeper level.

  1. Ar-Rahman: The Most Compassionate
  2. Ar-Rahim: The Most Merciful
  3. Al-Malik: The King, The Sovereign
  4. Al-Quddus: The Most Holy
  5. As-Salam: The Source of Peace
  6. Al-Mu'min: The Guardian of Faith
  7. Al-Muhaymin: The Protector
  8. Al-Aziz: The Mighty, The Strong
  9. Al-Jabbar: The Compeller, The Restorer
  10. Al-Mutakabbir: The Majestic, The Supreme
  11. Al-Khaliq: The Creator
  12. Al-Bari': The Maker
  13. Al-Musawwir: The Fashioner
  14. Al-Ghaffar: The Forgiving
  15. Al-Qahhar: The Subduer
  16. Al-Wahhab: The Bestower
  17. Ar-Razzaq: The Provider
  18. Al-Fattah: The Opener
  19. Al-Alim: The Knower
  20. Al-Qabid: The Constrictor
  21. Al-Basit: The Expander
  22. Al-Khafid: The Abaser
  23. Ar-Rafi': The Exalter
  24. Al-Mu'izz: The Giver of Honor
  25. Al-Mudhill: The Giver of Dishonor
  26. As-Sami': The All-Hearing
  27. Al-Basir: The All-Seeing
  28. Al-Hakam: The Judge
  29. Al-'Adl: The Just
  30. Al-Latif: The Subtle One
  31. Al-Khabir: The All-Aware
  32. Al-Halim: The Forbearing
  33. Al-'Azim: The Magnificent
  34. Al-Ghani: The Self-Sufficient
  35. Al-Mughni: The Enricher
  36. Al-Mani': The Withholder
  37. Ad-Darr: The Distressor
  38. An-Nafi': The Benefactor
  39. An-Nur: The Light
  40. Al-Hadi: The Guide
  41. Al-Badi': The Originator
  42. Al-Baqi: The Everlasting
  43. Al-Warith: The Inheritor
  44. Ar-Rashid: The Guide to the Right Path
  45. As-Sabur: The Patient
  46. Al-Wadud: The Loving
  47. Al-Majid: The Most Glorious
  48. Al-Ba'ith: The Resurrector
  49. Ash-Shahid: The Witness
  50. Al-Haqq: The Truth
  51. Al-Wakil: The Trustee
  52. Al-Qawiyy: The Strong
  53. Al-Matin: The Firm
  54. Al-Waliyy: The Protecting Friend
  55. Al-Hamid: The Praiseworthy
  56. Al-Muhsi: The Reckoner
  57. Al-Mubdi: The Originator
  58. Al-Mu'id: The Restorer
  59. Al-Muhyi: The Giver of Life
  60. Al-Mumit: The Taker of Life
  61. Al-Hayy: The Ever-Living
  62. Al-Qayyum: The Self-Subsisting
  63. Al-Wajid: The Finder
  64. Al-Majid: The Glorious
  65. Al-Wahid: The One
  66. Al-Ahad: The Unique
  67. As-Samad: The Eternal
  68. Al-Qadir: The All-Powerful
  69. Al-Muqtadir: The Dominant
  70. Al-Muqaddim: The Expediter
  71. Al-Mu'akhkhir: The Delayer
  72. Al-Awwal: The First
  73. Al-Akhir: The Last
  74. Az-Zahir: The Manifest
  75. Al-Batin: The Hidden
  76. Al-Wali: The Governor
  77. Al-Muta'ali: The Most High
  78. Al-Barr: The Source of Goodness
  79. At-Tawwab: The Acceptor of Repentance
  80. Al-Muntaqim: The Avenger
  81. Al-'Afuw: The Forgiver
  82. Ar-Ra'uf: The Compassionate
  83. Malik al-Mulk: The Owner of All Sovereignty
  84. Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram: The Lord of Majesty and Bounty
  85. Al-Muqsit: The Equitable
  86. Al-Jami': The Gatherer
  87. Al-Ghaniyy: The Rich
  88. Al-Mughniy: The Enricher
  89. Al-Mani': The Preventer of Harm
  90. Ad-Darr: The Creator of Harm
  91. An-Nafi': The Creator of Good
  92. An-Nur: The Light
  93. Al-Hadi: The Guide
  94. Al-Badi': The Incomparable
  95. Al-Baqi: The Enduring
  96. Al-Warith: The Heir
  97. Ar-Rashid: The Guide to the Right Path
  98. As-Sabur: The Patient One
  99. Al-Aziz: The All-Mighty

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The 99 names of Allah are a powerful reminder of His greatness and a source of comfort and guidance for believers. We hope that this 99 names of Allah PDF has helped you deepen your understanding of Allah and His attributes. May you continue to reflect on these names and strive to embody their meanings in your life. Remember that Allah is always with us, guiding and protecting us, and that through His beautiful names, we can connect with Him and find peace in our hearts.

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